3 Step On-Demand Programs & Live Mentoring To

Stop Negative Patterns & Habits From Running Your Life

Learn how generational trauma causes your biggest life obstacles & how to develop abilities that overcome them.

The 3 Step STARTINGjourney builds the foundation to reach your mind/body potential. It’s the perfect place to start your journey to a fulfilling and empowered life.

5 Minutes A Day To Start Eliminating Generational Trauma and Improve Your Life

Overcome Unwanted Stress For Good

Don’t let stress run your life any longer. Rewire your brain to see challenges as new opportunities.

Unlock Your Mind/Body Potential

Begin clearing cellular “garbage,” generational trauma in your body. Feel a lifelong weight being lifted.

Start Creating The Life You Want

Realize what it’s like to have peace of mind & be more empowered. Develop drive to create the life you dream.

Here’s What You Get with STARTINGjourney

3 Days of Video Lessons, Immersive Meditations, and Evidence-Based Tools

Learn the groundbreaking science and holistic techniques that release stress and generational trauma.

  • On-demand Video Lessons (5 minutes)
  • Immersive Meditations, engineered music and words
  • Evidence-based Tools

14 Day Access to Premium SOS Method App (EXCLUSIVE)

Immersive Meditations and more that unlock your mind/body potential, or Genetic Promise, right in the palm of your hand.

3 Month Access to Inner Circle Explorer LIVE ($81 VALUE)

Get additional support from Mental Health & Wellness Pioneer and Founder, Marlise Karlin, as she gives you guidance during these members-only live sessions happening twice a month.

$128 value.
Now available for $37
Endorsed by Doctors, Scientists and People like you

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