The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

– Lao Tzu

The journey can be more remarkable than the dream.

– Marlise Karlin

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

– Drake

The only journey is the one within.

– Rainier Maria Rike

Success is a journey, not a destination.

– Arthur Ashe

You have a SUPERpower.
Seriously. You do.

A SUPERpower to
Overcome stress, worry, depression and insomnia. 

The best part?
Your hidden SUPERpower is already inside you to generate greater happiness, wealth, relationships and vitality.

Unlock Your SUPERpower

NEXTjourney helps you find your SUPERpower using proven tools and techniques.

SOSmethod is one of the amazing tools that helps you unlock many doors along your NEXTjourney.

Together, their life-altering effects on your mind/body result in greater happiness, health, wealth and relationships.

SOSmethod’s research based dynamic process includes:

Immersive Meditations:
Infused and engineered with sounds and words that deeply resonate with higher energy

Discovery Programs:
Explore a unique combination of cutting-edge science and holistic wisdom

Life Tools:
Defined, simple, and easy to follow steps that generate inspired solutions

Endorsed by Doctors, Scientists… 

and people like you.

Qualitative research documented remarkable benefits with diverse populations across the globe.

Developed by Marlise Karlin

Expert. Visionary. Qualitative Researcher. Author. Speaker.
SUPERpower Whisperer.

Marlise’s quest to discover solutions for stress, healthy living and empowerment stems from personal trauma, as a teen runaway with substance abuse and stress-related chronic illnesses.

Unwilling to allow tragedy to dominate and direct her life, she became passionate about finding new ways to heal and become empowered.

Marlise personally studied with meditation masters in India, holistic experts in Japan, and leading neuroscientists in the West for more than 25 years.

Marlise synthesized the research into SOSmethod, a science-based process that unlocks untapped SUPERpowers, transforming her life to become a successful Entrepreneur and Wellness Pioneer.

Find Your Next Journey…

Unlock your hidden SUPERpower for happiness, health, wealth and relationships

  • 7 step
  • Interactive videos
  • 11 minutes each

Unlock your hidden SUPERpower for happiness, health, wealth and relationships

  • 7 step
  • Interactive videos
  • 11 minutes each

Develop lifelong habits for advanced happiness, health, wealth and relationship SUPERpower

  • 33 step
  • Interactive videos
  • 3 minutes each

Explore and gain deeper insight into your SUPERpower and ability to thrive.

  • Bi-weekly
  • Interactive sessions with Marlise
  • 22 minutes each

Master advancing your SUPERpower to build dreams into future reality.

  • Weekly for 1 month
  • Interactive sessions with Marlise
  • 60 minutes each

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