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You Inherited Generational Trauma From Your Ancestors…
It’s The Reason For Many Of Life’s Hardships

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Epigenetic research has proven that generational trauma is passed down and stored in your cells – leading to modern stress and overwhelm.

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Genetic Pain is a key factor in your predisposition to depression, addictions, anxiety, obesity and various mental & physical obstacles.

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Repeating negative patterns passed on from one generation to the next are deeply engrained & rob you of happiness.

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Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and not feeling at your best will lead to a lack of motivation to achieve and sense of hopelessness.

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“When the microglia in the brain goes haywire from trauma it can cause genetic changes that passes to future generations.”[1]

Ready to Free Yourself from Genetic Pain and Experience an Empowered Life?

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Achieve A Whole New Level Of Happiness

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Enjoy Greater Physical And Mental Health

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Feel Empowered To Prosper In All Areas

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Build Meaningful Relationships

You will continue to carry this “genetic garbage” in your body and pass it on unless you act. The good news is – there is a solution.

Choose Your Journey

Discovery Journey

  • Discover how to overcome stress & trauma – rapidly
  • 3 Steps, 11 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Gain peace of mind, hope & inspiration

Origin Journey

  • Eliminate layers of stress & generational trauma
  • 7 Steps, 11 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Live Monthly Mentoring
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Become happier, healthier & empowerment

Hero’s Journey

  • Stop negative patterns & habits from running your life
  • 33 Steps, 3 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Live Monthly Mentoring
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Enjoy meaningful relationships, prosperity & wellbeing

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Experience The Life You Want

Be free of Genetic Pain and live with greater happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Meet Marlise Karlin

Mental Health & Wellness Pioneer. Qualitative Researcher. International Author & Speaker.

Marlise’s quest to discover solutions for stress, healthy living and empowerment stems from personal trauma, as a teen runaway with substance abuse and stress-related chronic illnesses.

Unwilling to allow tragedy to dominate and direct her life, she became passionate about finding new ways to heal and become empowered.

Marlise personally studied with meditation masters in India, holistic experts in Japan, and leading neuroscientists in the West for more than 25 years.

Infusing all of the research into SOS Method, this groundbreaking technique empowered her to become a successful Entrepreneur, empowering people on 6 continents to become Free of Genetic Pain.

Read more of her journey.

Imagine what your life would be like without having the negative genetic habits passed down to you from your ancestors.

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Our Mission is to Empower 1 Billion People Through Transformative Experiences by 2030

Our proven process has helped countless thousands of people overcome recent and generational trauma.

Together we can empower a happier, healthier, more conscious world through transformative experiences.

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