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What People Say

Hear Stories Of Real People Overcoming Incredible Odds

Eliminating the stress, anxiety, and depression often caused by Generational Trauma can seem impossible. It isn’t.

Life Is Precious. 
Give Yourself The Attention You Deserve.

The Meditations Are So Different

Explorer, Portugal      

I am Now Stress Free

Zola, Botswana     

Enthusiasm & Motivation

Chef assistant, Africa     

It Has Set Me Free

Lorraine, California     

Something Released - Now Doors Opening

Adrienne, Arizona     

Police Officer in Pain

Policeman, India     

Breakthrough Relief From PTSD

Zola, Botswana     

Overcoming Stress & Its Impact on Health

Selena, Santa Monica     

Relieving Trauma, Getting Sleep



Toni, USA


Doing this program really worked for me. A lot of things have come into my life, from feeling better, to relationships, to people contacting me and the forgiveness that happened and it snowballed from there. It just got better and better. So I thank you because it has changed my life.

Deanna, UK


I feel more positive. I just focused on what I really want, and then I felt at peace inside. I felt all the love that I can bring to my family and what they can bring to me and to accept that love. I’m ready to start a new love, a new life and accept everything I will have in my life.

Patsy, USA


After everything, I had a lot to release. But now, I wake up in a better frame of mind, ready to meet the day. And listening daily makes me go, “I can handle this.”

Explorer, UK


I felt different things going on in my body all over, different places. Almost a sort of healing taking place. Beautifully calm.

Explorer, UK


I felt something unlock, inside. The worry and anxiety just melted away. How deep it goes I don’t know yet, butI have hope.

Marco, UK


I dropped into a meditative state. I was aware of thoughts, but they didn’t seem to have the power to grip, they would just slide away. It was very deep and wonderful.

Gianna, UK


What I realized is even if I have a difficult situation with my mom and dad, doesn’t mean that I have to do the same with my family now. I can let go of all the problems that I had in the past. I feel so much lighter, more relaxed. I have the tools now that I can take care of my life and this is what I want to do now. Not just be there for them, but do something.

Ty, UK


After my dad died, it affected the trajectory that I went on in my life. I was a bit lost. I was not achieving much in the way I wanted my life to go. What I was able to realize is that fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of rejection that I thought was protecting me was actually holding me back. I never made a connection until now so that was very important for me. Now I can let go and release. I don’t need that any more in my life.

Rachel, UK


I got this overriding feeling of whatever my ancestors had to deal with, they felt great love for their children. From my grandparents I could feel the love that they felt for my parents, and then my eyes teared up. I wasn’t feeling happy or sad, I just realized that tears were falling.

Gene, USA


I’ve been communicating more, being part of my family, and I’m in a better relationship with my caregivers. I’m working toward attempting to forgive my father, which I’ve never considered in over 50 years. Now I feel willing to look at events from another point of view.

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