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Eliminating the stress, anxiety, and depression often caused by generational trauma can seem impossible. It isn’t.

People like you, from around the world, have gained peace of mind, hope, better health and relationships by using our evidence-based tools.

The Meditations Are So Different

Explorer, Portugal      

I am Now Stress Free

Zola, Botswana     

Enthusiasm & Motivation

Chef assistant, Africa     

It Has Set Me Free

Lorraine, California     

Something Released - Now Doors Opening

Explorer, Arizona     

Police Officer in Pain

Policeman, India     

Breakthrough Relief From PTSD

Zola, Botswana     

Overcoming Stress & Its Impact on Health

Selena, Santa Monica     

Jeni, Los Angeles


I’ve come to a greater awareness in my life… I feel so muck better. Its Awesome… It’s great.

Susan Mears, UK


My dog, Roishin, has really benifited post operation from SOS Meditations. She trots in to share Happy Dogs programs with me. The vet could not believe how fast she healed after her cyst removal.

Robin, UK


The SOS Method is different from anything else I have ever done! It’s an incredible feeling! I have never experienced this before. It’s intense yet peaceful; it’s just brilliant!

Morgan, LA


I use SOS Method in the morning before beginning my day, as well as before making certain decisions and important phone calls. It’s guided me through difficult conversations. My experience with SOS has truly changed me for the better.

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