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What is NEXTjourney?

We help you overcome modern stress and generational trauma with evidenced-based tools that clear Genetic Pain and unlock your Genetic Promise. This SUPERpower of mind/body potential empowers the happiness, health and fulfillment we all want.

Watch the videos to understand how you can take your power back – in just minutes a day.

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Most people are living with various levels of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Every day, even successful people feel guilty that they’re not managing their mental health and physical wellbeing better than they do at next journey. We guide you through this simple evidence based method that helps you overcome these limitations in just minutes a day. It’s a modern hybrid of meditation, holistic practices and neuroscience. That’s been proven effective for over two decades. When you join us, you unlock a life alterings super power to access, peace of mind, hope and empowerment. So you can live from your highest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Generational Trauma?

How does understanding Generational Trauma stop negative patterns?

How do NEXTjourney and SOSMethod work together?

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What I love about SOS method and next journey. The two platforms I developed is that it allows you to experience new processes that are science backed and holistically driven. So it comes from 2000 year old, wonderful traditions that have had a huge impact in many people’s lives. And now you put it into the technology and how we live and work today. And suddenly you begin to see your life circumstances changing. What happens now is as you begin doing these series, you create new choices. You suddenly are able to make new choices because you see things differently. Your body, your cellular structure is changing. Your mind is being rewire into more positivity and a new way of being. So, as you’re making these new choices, what do you think happens? You are building new habits. You’re responding to life in an entirely different way. And what is that new behavior?

Suddenly you’re not triggered so much anymore. You have a way to deal with things that is so fabulous. You’ll be amazed at yourself. Things that used to make you angry. Don’t make you so angry anymore. Things that used to really trigger you don’t trigger you anymore. So as you’re moving along in this process and your behavior changes, guess what you are creating new actions that set up different life circumstances. So you’re not aiming at a downhill battle. You’re aiming at an uphill flight. Suddenly these synchronistic wonderful life circumstances begin to happen. That help you live the life you want The life of your dreams.

Why are SOS Meditations key to this process?

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People often ask me, what’s the difference between the SOS method app and meditation apps. And I’ll say this meditation is extraordinary. It’s wonderful. It will make a huge difference in your life, but what you want, think of the difference. Do you want relaxation? Do you want to ignite the superpower potential you have inside yourself? Not every meditation does that. It could relax you. It could make you feel better. What you want is to ignite this superpower that you have, you are amazing, but you might not be experiencing it. You might be experiencing some self doubt or low self-esteem or just not feeling as creative as you wanna be. I get it. I’ve been there and that’s why I did the work and the research to create something that could ignite that super power you have because the, that takes you on the best journey ever. That’s what you want to repeat again and again, igniting that super power to access your full potential.

Why are my habits important?

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Do you know how to create habits that you maintain that bring you what you want in your life. Habits are so important, aren’t they? Because when you do something consistently, it shows up life gets better in whatever area you’re for. So building positive habits, building habits that make you love your life is so important. What I noticed is when you’re building a habit at first, it feels strange. And then it feels like part of you and you can’t even do it any other way, because it becomes who you are. So imagine having habits that help you build financial freedom or give you new levels of confidence. This is exactly what I learned how to do and why I wanna share it with you.

How can I shift unconscious beliefs?

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It’s not what you intellectually know that influences prosperity and wealth in your life. It’s what you unconsciously believe and practice unconscious beliefs and practices call cause that scarcity in your life in so many areas. But do you think you can just take a course and get more intellectual knowledge and turn it around? No. How do you change a belief? Yes. It’s helpful to have knowledge and understand, but it has to happen. Experientially that’s what’s so important is to shift that understanding from the cause of it, which sits inside your body and your mind. When you understand how to do that, your whole life changes, health, wealth, prosperity relationships, everything.

How did Marlise create SOSmethod and NEXTjourney?

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I pulled the best of everything I could and then began to say, now, how can I make it more modern and bring it into the modern world? So you could experience it in a very short amount of time and have it be so effective. You got peace of mind and you became empowered. That’s what I, I wanted, I wanted it for myself. So of course I wanted it for other people too. And as that happened, and as the experience came to me, that’s when I took off one around the world, working with people from all cultures. And what I found is I used to make meditations that were 22 minutes in length. And through each program I did, they began to shrink and shrink and shrink because they were so impactful. People began having extraordinary experiences and it began changing their mindset. And the second thing that they noticed was hope, people felt hopeful and then the empowerment. So that’s why I’ve added it to next journey. And that’s why I want you to be in the.

What’s the difference between quick tips and SOSmethod Tools?

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Let’s talk about tips. Tips can be great and they’re fun. And you grab something in a moment. You go, yes, that’ll turn this around or that’ll make me better or whatever it is, the tip is about, you know, whether it’s your health or wellbeing or whatever, but is it long lasting? That’s what I’d like you to think about. I give tips and tools and programs and meditations and all kinds of good stuff. Cuz I like tips too. But what I found is at the end of the day, those tips seem to kind of like disappear in your mind. They don’t hang on. So you’re not really repeating them. But when you do a tool, a technique that begins to shift your inner experience and become a habit, that’s when it becomes long lasting. So I want you to look for tools that have impact that are long lasting.

What does it mean to be an Explorer?

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Why do I call the people who have joined me over the last years and the new people coming on board now taking the next journey in life. Why do I call you explorers? Because explorers are always looking for what they can learn. That’s new and fresh and can help them become more innovative, more passionate, more happy. Can you be more happy about all of life we always wanna keep exploring? And you do that. You are amazing. Keep, keep opening, keep allowing, keep seeing a vision of the world and your life, the way you wanna see it. Because as you do, you will draw to you more of what it is that you can learn the tools, the programs, what you’re here to learn to really accelerate on your next journey.

What results will I get from unlocking my SUPERpower?

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So you wanna know what it’s like when your super power unlocks inside you. So let me give you first the experience of it, then the benefits. So for some people immediately, you begin feeling this tingling sensation in your body and an overall sense of peace and wellbeing for other people. They don’t notice too much accept in the next 24 hours when their perception of life changes, or they respond to a difficult situation in an entirely different way. Now, for everyone, the benefits begin arriving from day one, but you have to be aware of it and notice what it is that’s happening. And over time, your relationships will get so much better because you’re communicating from a different place. Your career will skyrocket because suddenly you have insight about things that you never understood before. It’s like this super education that didn’t come from school, and then the habits that you have, addictions, whatever is going on with you, that you’re very unhappy about those begin to dissipate over time as well. So it is this advanced exquisite intelligence that you already have. The only thing you have to do is unlock it.

How do I begin with NEXTjourney?

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I’d like to share with you what next journey is all about and how you can take that step. So if you’re experiencing stress, uh, life is not turning out exactly. As you wanted, you wanna have better health, you wanna have more happiness. You wanna overcome some of these negative habits that you now realize have shown up because of generational trauma. Then this is the course you wanna do. I spent over 25 years doing this study with meditation, masters in India, with holistic experts in Japan, and then with neuroscientists and I condensed it all down and turned it into the most remarkable pro that absolutely shifts your way of being in life and advances the skills you already have inside you they’re just locked inside. So with next journey, you begin the process with the starting journey, three ups and watch what happens. You begin to understand this hidden power that you have inside and already begin tapping into it, then comes the origin journey, which really explains on a much deeper level and begins activating that power that’s super power you have inside again, diminishing that generational trauma, that genetic pain, but opens you up to the promise that you have inside as well.

And then as you go through those who move toward the heroes journey, you are a hero. We all are. We’re already walking that journey. We just don’t it. Yes, there are trials and tribulations. You’re already going through them. Why not have a mentor by your side? Why not have the programs there to guide you and take you forward? And then you’ll see, we also include live programs with explore and mastery. So there’s a lot of wonderful things to keep you moving. And of course the SOS method app, which is like your best friend in your pocket, ready to go at any moment. So I want to invite you to take this journey. It’s there to support you. Love you, guide you to greater success, wherever are on the journey. So I hope you’ll join us.

What is Genetic Pain and Genetic Promise©?