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You are at the beginning of a remarkable journey
Overcome self-doubt and negative habits that have blocked you.

In ORIGINjourney, you will discover how to create a life you love. You’ll learn how to activate a remarkable dormant Potential to gain greater happiness, prosperity and personal fulfillment.

You’ll also learn how to clear generational trauma and the anxiety, depression, and stress it causes that has been sabotaging your life.

Epigenetic research proves it. Now take the next step in clearing this genetic junk, that has held you back!

Day by Day Schedule

Step 1

Discover Your Hidden Potential

Learn how to activate the most valuable SUPERpower you have, your dormant Potential.

Step 2

Activating Energy Intelligence

Get a deeper understanding of why many people feel “tingling sensations” when listening to SOS Meditations.

Step 3
Clearing Stress & Generational Trauma

Find the actual cause of being “triggered” and what steps you can take to break these damaging cycles & regain control.

Step 4

Small Changes, Big Impact

Discover the best strategy to achieve remarkable changes without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by day-to-day events.

Step 5
Becoming the Hero

Learn why this legendary journey not only happens in fiction but is part of your daily life.

Step 6
Defeating Adversity, Finding Bliss

Powerful yet simple process to shift your mindset in minutes by resetting neural pathways.

Step 7
Your Call to Prosperity, Love, and Adventure

Old patterns can return, learn one of the most important steps on your journey to make sure they don’t return!

Free yourself from constant struggle and uncertainty.
Ignite the power to manifest the life you envision and deserve.

Don’t Let Generational Trauma Derail Your Relationships, Prosperity, or Dreams.


Epigenetic research has proven that generational trauma is passed down and stored in your cells – leading to modern stress and overwhelm.


Genetic Pain is a key factor in your predisposition to depression, addictions, anxiety, obesity and various mental & physical obstacles.


Repeating negative patterns passed on from one generation to the next are deeply engrained & rob you of happiness.


Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and not feeling at your best will lead to a lack of motivation to achieve and sense of hopelessness.


“When the microglia in the brain goes haywire from trauma it can cause genetic changes that passes to future generations.”[1]

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlock your potential with my personal guarantee: If this program doesn’t benefit you, get a full refund. Don’t miss out on the remarkable benefits. Claim this limited-time offer with bonuses and money-back guarantee today!

The 7 Step ORIGINjourney unlocks a dormant potential to clear the “cellular junk” causing your unhappiness.

Real Stories from Real People Overcoming Incredible Odds

The Meditations Are So Different

Explorer, Portugal      

Overcoming Stress & Its Impact on Health

Selena, Santa Monica
Endorsed By Scientists, Doctors & People Like You

Experience the groundbreaking science and holistic techniques to free yourself from daily stress and generational trauma.

Here’s What You Get with ORIGINjourney

7 Days of Video Lessons, Special Formula Meditations, and Evidence-Based Tools

  • On-demand Discovery Lessons (11 min. each video)
  • Special Formula Meditations – music with specific words, tones, and language patterns infused with subtle energy frequencies.
  • Evidence-based Mind Fitness Tools
$297 value.
Now available for $97

You Inherited Generational Trauma From Your Ancestors…
It’s The Reason For Many Of Life’s Hardships

Access Your Dormant Potential in 11 Minutes a Day

Eliminate Life Barriers

Overcome Exhaustion
Overcome Self-doubt
Overcome Uncertainty
Overcome Generational Patterns

Watch Your Potential Grow

Gain More Vitality
Gain Confidence
Gain More Focus
Gain Emotional Stability

Experience A New Life

Healthier Mind & Body
Meaningful Relationships
Generate Prosperity
Greater Happiness

Don’t let Genetic Pain ruin your relationships, prosperity, or dreams.
Unlock your Genetic Promise and activate your SUPERpower potential today.

Reviews of People Discovering a Life Without Limits


Gene, USA


I’ve been communicating more, being part of my family, and I’m in a better relationship with my caregivers. I’m working toward attempting to forgive my father, which I’ve never considered in over 50 years. Now I feel willing to look at events from another point of view.


Toni, USA


Doing this program really worked for me. A lot of things have come into my life, from feeling better, to relationships, to people contacting me and the forgiveness that happened and it snowballed from there. It just got better and better. So I thank you because it has changed my life.


Deanna, UK


I feel more positive. I just focused on what I really want, and then I felt at peace inside. I felt all the love that I can bring to my family and what they can bring to me and to accept that love. I’m ready to start a new love, a new life and accept everything I will have in my life.

Meet Your Guide, Marlise Karlin

Mental Health & Wellness Pioneer. Qualitative Researcher. International Author & Speaker.

Marlise’s quest to discover solutions for stress, healthy living and empowerment stems from personal trauma, as a teen runaway with substance abuse and stress-related chronic illnesses.

Unwilling to allow tragedy to dominate and direct her life, she became passionate about finding new ways to heal and become empowered.

Marlise personally studied with meditation masters in India, holistic experts in Japan, and leading neuroscientists in the West for more than 25 years.


Today marks the day you take responsibility for creating a life you love. Claim this limited time offer plus the bonuses we created for you – and BEGIN now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Click any of the “GET ORIGINjourney NOW” buttons and complete the check out process. Then check your email for password protected access to this life-changing 7-step program.

Is this program sent to me on a DVD or is it downloadable or streamed?

NEXTjourney programs are streamed, so all you need is an internet connection! You can watch any time, anywhere – from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

What do I get for my money?

NEXTjourney programs include session videos, subtle energy infused meditations, transcriptions, action steps, tips and insights to experience on your own.

What do I need to do the sessions?

Once you purchase your program, you’ll be emailed a link giving you immediate access to all session videos, subtle energy infused meditations, transcriptions, action steps, tips and insights available on your internet connected computer, tablet, and mobile device.

How do I do the sessions?

You can watch the session videos as many times as you like. We highly suggest repeating them as each time you will gain new awareness. Then be sure to do the action steps to get the best results. While we recommend doing one session per day, you can go at your own pace.

Are closed captions available?

Yes, closed captions are available for all classes. Look for the icon in the video player control bar to enable closed captions. (Currently offered in English only.)

What if I live outside of the United States?

NEXTjourney programs are available to people all over the globe because all you need is an internet connection. Please keep in mind that prices are in US Dollars and all text and videos are in English.

HELP! What if I have feedback or technical questions?

Please email us at info@nextjourney.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We love hearing from our community so let us know any and all suggestions!

Take Your Power Back

Don’t go one more day wondering if empowerment is possible…
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