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A Remarkable Blueprint to Overcome Trauma

From Marlise Karlin, Founder SOS Method & NEXTjourney

Did you know that generational trauma may be holding you back from the life you dream?

I struggled for years with pain, depression, and chronic illness.

When I discovered that the root cause of my problem was recent and generational trauma I studied with Master teachers in India, Holistic Experts in Japan, and Western Neuroscientists. I was determined to overcome this obstacle.

Then I combined the best of what I learned into an advanced system of tools that helped me break free.

These tools began clearing my pain and trauma. Now I’d like to share the solution with you so you’d don’t continue to struggle as I did.

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In this program you will learn an advanced approach to manifesting greater prosperity, fulfillment, and abundance.

  • The most advanced and effective way to rewire your brain, eliminate negative behavior, and enjoy better mental health without spending thousands on self-improvement books and events.
  • How to activate a dormant potential within you to eliminate the symptoms and future impact of generational trauma.
  • Explore epigenetics and how it explains the genetic symptoms passed down to you from your ancestry.
  • How to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life without relying solely on medications or spending years in therapy.
Meet Your Guide & Mentor

As a Generational Trauma Expert, Author, Humanitarian Activist, & Pioneering Researcher, Marlise Karlin wanted to revolutionize mental health and wellbeing.

Her goal? To discover new ways to clear recent and generational trauma, the mental and emotional barriers that caused so many hardships in her life – and in the lives of people everywhere.

This passion took her around the world. For 25 years, she studied with Western neuroscientists, holistic experts from Japan, and meditation masters in India.

The result of her research is SOS Method.

This fusion of science and holistic traditions verified breakthrough results in 2 decades of research worldwide. By clearing layers of trauma and stress, people became happier, healthier, and more empowered to create a life they love.

How This Remarkable Holistic System Has Helped Others

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