From Youth at Risk to Kids with Hope

This group of kids and trainers had all grown up in tough situations, many with parents on drugs or in prison. Some had also been addicted to drugs.

After their first experience of unlocking their SUPERpower of  mind/body potential, many felt uplifted, shared they saw a new future was possible, and wanted more.

Benefits and Comparison


3 On-Demand Videos

3 Immersive Meditations

3 Tools: Focused Action Steps

2 Months Live Monthly Mentoring

14 Days of SOSMethod App Free


7 On-Demand Videos

7 Immersive Meditations

7 Tools: Focused Action Steps

4 Months Live Monthly Mentoring

30 Days of SOSmethod App Free

Take Your Power Back

While generational trauma has been passed down to all of us on a cellular level, it doesn’t mean you have to allow it to continue to influence and dictate your life.

Today can be a turning point for you. Begin your NEXTjourney now!

Don’t go one more day wondering if empowerment is possible…
Take the first step and start experiencing it today!