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Join A Movement To Free People From Their “Genetic Pain”

Our evidence-based courses eliminate layers of generational trauma, what we refer to as “Genetic Pain”. This is the genetic junk we inherit from our ancestors that causes many of life’s greatest obstacles

Overwhelming Stress

Anxiety & Depression

Low Self-Esteem

Lack of Vitality & Motivation
Chronic Illness

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How Your Community Benefits from NEXTjourney Programs

In 2001 a breakthrough method was developed by Mental Health & Wellness Pioneer Marlise Karlin, from 2 decades of research with neuroscientists and holistic masters.

NEXTjourney features evidenced-based tools that release Genetic Pain® and unlock Genetic Promise®SUPERpower of mind/body potential. It works in only minutes a day to:

Reignite vitality and motivation to realize their ultimate life’s dream

Repair & develop meaningful relationships in their lives – personally & professionally

Become a magnet for health and prosperity to flow into their lives

Resolve modern stress and anxiety keeping them from a fulfilling life

Have the strength and courage to leave a soul-sucking career & find their true passion

Release generational trauma. Improve mental health. Empower a happier, healthier life

About NEXTjourney

Our mission is to Free People From Genetic Pain.

We help people overcome daily stress and generational trauma with an evidence-based method that empowers the happiness, health and fulfillment we all want.

Founder and Mental Health Pioneer, Marlise Karlin, spent decades developing a proven process, that has transformed thousands of people’s lives of every age and culture globally.

As a partner of NEXTjourney, we invite you to join us on this mission.

Endorsed By Doctors, Scientists, And Everyday People Looking To Make A Change
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