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Just For You; Our Get One, Give One Scholarship


Heal the Past & Increase Mind Intelligence to Create a Life You Love.

An Advanced Proven Technique to Unlock Prosperity & Clear Generational Trauma

Live happier, healthier, and more empowered to prosper in all areas by activating a remarkable dormant potential.

Genetic Pain Has Secretly Been Running Your Life Causing:


Epigenetic research has proven that generational trauma is passed down and stored in your cells – leading to modern stress and overwhelm.


Genetic Pain is a key factor in your predisposition to depression, addictions, anxiety, obesity and various mental & physical obstacles.


Repeating negative patterns passed on from one generation to the next are deeply engrained & rob you of happiness.


Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and not feeling at your best will lead to a lack of motivation to achieve and sense of hopelessness.


“When the microglia in the brain goes haywire from trauma it can cause genetic changes that passes to future generations.”[1]

The 7 Step ORIGINjourney activates your Genetic Promise, a dormant potential, so you can clear the cellular junk causing this unhappiness.

You Inherited Generational Trauma From Your Ancestors…
It’s The Reason For Many Of Life’s Hardships

Get Evidence-Based Tools To Access Your Genetic Promise In 11 Minutes A Day

Eliminate Life Barriers

Overcome Exhaustion
Overcome Self-doubt
Overcome Uncertainty
Overcome Generational Patterns

Watch Your Potential Grow

Gain More Vitality
Gain Confidence
Gain More Focus
Gain Emotional Stability

Experience A New Life

Healthier Mind & Body
Meaningful Relationships
Generate Prosperity
Greater Happiness

Explore. Listen. Repeat.  For Just 11 Minutes Over 7 Days

Here’s What You Get with ORIGINjourney

7 Days of Video Lessons, Special Formula Meditations, and Evidence-Based Tools

  • On-demand Discovery Lessons (11 min. each Video)
  • Special Formula Meditations – music with specific words, tones, and language patterns infused with subtle energy frequencies.
  • Evidence-based Mind Fitness Tools

BONUS: FREE Premium SOS Method APP (Exclusive)

Immersive Meditations and more that activate a dormant potential, your Genetic Promise, right in the palm of your hand.

BONUS: 2 Month Access to Inner Circle Explorer ($294 Value)

Get additional support from Mental Health & Wellness Pioneer & Founder, Marlise Karlin, as she gives you guidance during these members-only live sessions happening 2x a month.

Endorsed By Scientists, Doctors & People Like You

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Listen & Practice For 7 Days

Watch Video. Listen to vibrational Meditation. Practice Mind Fitness Tools – in minutes a day. Notice a shift in your mind-set.

Be Free of Your Biggest Life Obstacles

Live more fulfilled and inspired as your hidden potential empowers you to create your life’s dreams.

Don’t let Genetic Pain derail your relationships, prosperity, or dreams.

It’s time for YOU to unlock Genetic Promise© and sustain your SUPERpower of mind/body potential.

Don’t wait one more day to get peace of mind, hope & empowerment.
Experience it today!

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