Resolving the Root Cause of Insomnia & Trauma

Zola was a teacher who was tortured for teaching history that the newest government regime disagreed with. For 15 years when he closed his eyes – all he could see was the pain.

Within a week of practicing SOS Meditations, he slept “like a baby” and found hope that life could get better again.

Benefits and Comparison


3 On-Demand Videos

3 Immersive Meditations

3 Tools: Focused Action Steps

2 Months Live Monthly Mentoring

14 Days of SOSMethod App Free


7 On-Demand Videos

7 Immersive Meditations

7 Tools: Focused Action Steps

4 Months Live Monthly Mentoring

30 Days of SOSmethod App Free

Take Your Power Back

While generational trauma has been passed down to all of us on a cellular level, it doesn’t mean you have to allow it to continue to influence and dictate your life.

Today can be a turning point for you. Begin your NEXTjourney now!

Don’t go one more day wondering if empowerment is possible…
Take the first step and start experiencing it today!