Step 1 of ORIGINjourney + Special Formula Meditation

Find Relief from Anxiety, Depression & Anger

Discover why recent and generational trauma in your cells blocks peace of mind, vitality, and fulfillment. Unlock the Potential to clear it.

Learn How to Go From Stressed, Anxious, and Overwhelmed to Focused, Hopeful, and Happy

Overcome Stress

Stress has a negative impact on your mind and body. Learn to overcome it and feel revitalized.

Be Empowered

Clear toxic thoughts and patterns that block your mind/body potential. Gain focus and confidence.

Feel Happier

Release anxiety and overwhelm. Experience more happiness daily as you learn new tools to thrive.

Explore Your Next Journey for an Empowered Life!

While generational trauma has been passed down to all of us on a cellular level, it doesn’t mean we have to allow it to dictate and influence our life.

You can stop repeating cycles of anxiety, overthinking, and self-worth issues with these evidence-based tools and specifically developed SOSmethod Meditations.

Today, can be a turning point for you. Experience step one of ORIGINjourney to get more happiness, hope, and empowerment now…

Discover How to Eliminate Recent and Generational Trauma in Your Cells that Blocks Peace of Mind, Vitality, and Fulfillment.

Experience step one of ORIGINjourney to get more happiness, hope, and empowerment now…

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  • ORIGINjourney Step 1: Experience the groundbreaking holistic technique and the scientific research to free yourself from stress and generational trauma.
  • Special Formula Meditations: Music with specific words, tones, and language patterns infused with subtle energy frequencies.
  • Mind Fitness Tools: Action Steps from Trauma Expert & Pioneering Researcher, Marlise Karlin, to guide you every step of the way.

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