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Improve Your Health, Advance Your Career & Strengthen Your Relationships.

Your Journey Becomes An Adventure, When You Have A Mentor!

I really don’t want you to miss out on how LIVE Mentoring can advance your results and boost your progress.

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Each bi-monthly live training will focus on a topic related to prosperity in all areas of life; health, career, and relationships. These 20-minute trainings distill 30+ years of evidenced based learning into practical insights and tools for your daily life.

I just finished the 7 day. It was amazing. I’ve had a meditation practice for 7 or 8 years, so I was skeptical that it could be so easy:).

And, I was so moved, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I immediately texted my family and reminded them that anything really is possible!

- Coleen Doren, Michigan

Get support on your journey

Any explorer knows the adventure is easier with a guide. Marlise is here to guide you with illuminating insights, step-by-step instructions and personal mentoring to empower you to overcome…

Mental Health Challenges

Troubled Relationships

Chronic Physical Illnesses

Financial Hardships

Cycles of Dissatisfaction

Consistent Support on Your Journey to Reaching Your Goals and Dreams

Learn how to anchor the tools you learned in NEXTjourney programs into daily life. Discover how to consistently overcome obstacles holding you back. Experience having the support and guidance of a mentor who’s walked that journey from pain to remarkable potential.

Maybe you are not sure if the bi-monthly sessions are right for you at this time. I totally understand if it seems like a big commitment. But I don’t want you to miss out on how incredibly powerful and effective it is to have personal support, core truth insights, and tailored tools along your journey.


Ty, UK


After my dad died, it affected the trajectory that I went on in my life. I was a bit lost. I was not achieving much in the way I wanted my life to go. What I was able to realize is that fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of rejection that I thought was protecting me was actually holding me back. I never made a connection until now so that was very important for me. Now I can let go and release. I don’t need that any more in my life.


Wade Davis, USA


It was like being able to breathe again. Each new awareness was like a lens to see the world where problems became adventures to be dealt with in new ways.


Gene, USA


I’ve been communicating more, being part of my family, and I’m in a better relationship with my caregivers. I’m working toward attempting to forgive my father, which I’ve never considered in over 50 years. Now I feel willing to look at events from another point of view.

Reaching Your Goals and Dreams

Just like any new skill – practice makes perfect. And having an expert to help you hone that skill makes the process much easier. With Inner Circle Explorer, you’ll learn how to generate…

Emotional Resilience

Wellbeing and Vitality

Meaningful Connections

Stability and Fulfillment

Hope and Empowerment

Don’t Underestimate How Incredibly Powerful and Effective LIVE Mentoring Sessions Can Be.

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