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How to Clear Generational Trauma From the Source & Live Happier

May 25, 2023 | Generational Trauma | 0 comments

Working through trauma can be complex and difficult, but there are new advances in this field that demonstrate it can be simpler than previously understood And, it’s clearly worth it. Unresolved trauma can significantly affect your mental, emotional, and physical health – And research now shows that it’s possible that the trauma you have experienced could even become encoded in your DNA.

Generational Trauma

It’s very possible that you got your hair color and height from previous generations – but there’s something else much more impactful that may have been passed down.

Did you know that the trauma your grandparents experienced could be impacting you today? From our biology to our mental health, many of us don’t realize how profound the impact of generational trauma can be.

This specific type of trauma can actually chemically change a person’s genes – and some people are more susceptible to these changes than others, depending on their ‘environment’ growing up. Individuals who have a history of abuse, poverty, discrimination, substance use, and other similar challenges are often more likely to pass the effects of their trauma to the next generation.

Generational trauma is a fairly new idea, but there’s science to back it up.

The Science of Trauma

While generational trauma has only recently been acknowledged in many scientific circles, there is research that shows just how real it is.

Perhaps one of the most obvious instances of generational trauma can be seen in holocaust survivors and their families. Researchers found that there were multiple ways the offspring of survivors varied from populations without the same degree of past trauma.

One of the biggest differences noted in the offspring of holocaust survivors was their stress responses. The way that their bodies handled stress was fundamentally different, with offspring more likely to experience higher levels of stress.

Another interesting fact presented was that severe mental illness was not only more present in holocaust survivor offspring, but it was more likely to impact future generations than in families without advanced trauma. This trauma is still very much present in today’s generations, both in their predisposition towards anxiety and/or depression and their lower self-esteem.

Another paper examined the effect of maternal torture on future generations. It was found that maternal torture significantly reduced the coping and adjustment skills of future generations. It’s essential to note that children did not need to have any torture exposure in order for them to be impacted.

Generational trauma may not be visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly prevalent and impactful.

Clearing Generational Trauma

There are so many reasons why clearing generational trauma is not only important but could save lives. When you choose to do what is needed to clear past trauma, it’s likely that your personal mental health will improve and you’ll live a happier life. Not only that, but you’ll also be less likely to pass that same trauma down to your children.

Clearing trauma is a decision that can have a ripple effect, improving the lives of future generations. If this is your first time learning about generational trauma, you may be thinking… Yeah, I want to resolve the generational trauma I may have. But how? And will it take years and cost lots of money and be painful? Now what?

I had similar challenges in my life and began looking for answers when I found Marlise Karlin, a Mental Health and Trauma expert.  She spent years working with people worldwide to get qualitative data on a revolutionary solution she developed to clear generational trauma at the source, in the cells of your body where it is encoded.

NEXTjourney with SOS Method

Marlise Karlin dedicated her life to helping others overcome their genetic pain through evidence-backed tools and strategies. Marlise saw a huge need for readily accessible solutions to work through the layers of generational trauma, that can often cause anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, and more of the negative behaviors that block people’s ability to achieve the life they want.

Karlin created NEXTjourney with SOS Method to be a rapidly effective solution. I personally saw the benefits in my own life and it only took a couple days of listening to the programs and meditations. Not only do I no longer have PTSD nightmares, but I feel lighter and more empowered to confront challenges.

NEXTjourney offers a variety of programs that only require a few minutes of engagement each day. By taking actionable steps, completing special formula meditations, and learning effective tools, you begin the journey of overcoming Genetic Pain and living your life to the fullest.

When you practice NEXTjourney programs, you’re getting mind and body benefits. NEXTjourney has helped empower so many people, not just Zola, Larry, and Katie – but their stories are amazing. Interested to hear them share their stories?

Because of Zola’s newfound ability to sleep without reliving past traumatic events, he shares, “I’m happy. I’ve got peace of mind.”

Larry is a Vietnam veteran who struggled with PTSD for over thirty years. After using SOS Method, Larry had a newfound sense of hope and believed he was “shortening the path back home.”

Changing negative habits caused by traumatic past events can be so difficult, but it’s a goal for many people around the world. For 10 year old Katie, school and family struggles took a large toll on her mental health. After only a short time using SOS Method, she was able to get back to her life with more courage and insight than her mother believed was even possible.

Sometimes you just have to dive in and see what benefits you’ll find – even when you are not sure it is for you. That‘s exactly what I did and I am so very glad I made that choice.

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