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Ways To Break The Bad Habits Robbing You Of Living At Your Potential

Aug 29, 2023 | Mental Wellness | 0 comments

Bad habits are easy to form and there is more information out now that helps us understand why they are so hard to break. Finding new ways to develop positive habits can be the best thing you can do to live a happier life at your full potential.

Understanding Bad Habits

Many of us don’t even realize how we got so many of our negative habits. Before we look into the latest research – let’s explore some basics you might not be aware of.

Stress is one of the biggest catalysts for forming habits. In fact, when a habit is formed in a stressful situation, it’s more likely to be negative and harmful. Not only can stress contribute to bad habit formation, but it can also lead to the continuation of those habits.

Have you noticed that when you’re stressed you’re more likely to crave an addiction that will calm your stress? Often you could be drawn to have a cigarette or eat an entire box of donuts! Aargh! This is where neuroscience has something to teach us.

One of the reasons why bad habits can feel so difficult to overcome – because their neural connections are so strong. When your brain forms a connection, it is strengthened through repetition. Get it?! Darn!

One interesting thing about the science of habits is that bad habits are easier to form than good habits, with the latter requiring more time and repetition. This means that it can take more work to develop good habits – makes sense, right?

While bad habits can definitely have a lot of power, they can also be cleared. What does that mean?

Identify the Cause

Identifying the cause of bad habits and addressing them at their source is a great way to set yourself up for success. If you know that stressful work days often lead you to eat an entire tub of ice cream at night, then you can become ‘aware’ of that trigger and look for it in the future so you can make a more conscious choice next time


The science of Epigenetics teaches us that we have a predisposition to various negative habits and addictions from birth, depending on what was passed down to us from our ancestors. This is called generational trauma, and all human beings carry some form of it.

The clearer you get about this it will assist you to not get mad at yourself, or even your parents, as you will realize, they had traumas and symptoms like anxiety, depression, and insomnia that were passed down to them as well.

Let’s go over some new ways that you can break or clear the bad habits you are dealing with today. Once you do, you will be amazed at how much your true  Potential will guide and support you going forward.

Get Support with Evidenced – based Tools

There are Programs, Tools and Special Formula Meditations that have now evidenced the capability to help you transform negative habits into positive habits – in less time, and more effectively than ever before – especially when practiced consistently.

Marlise Karlin, a Mental Health Activist and Trauma Expert spent more than 2 decades getting data on this new technique, SOS Method, and the results were amazing. Karlin knows the pain of growing up with stress- filled habits caused by recent or generational trauma, and spent more than 25 years working with holistic experts and scientists to develop a new way to heal. This is why she has included it in all NEXTjourney  programs.

ORIGINjourney is where you discover how to activate your dormant Potential.  It clears trauma at the source, which helps you develop the positive habits you want that gain greater happiness, prosperity, and personal fulfillment.

This 7 Step program helps clear negative habits that sabotage life.  It has done this for countless thousands of people worldwide. AND, the good news is, it doesn’t take years as therapy often does, but can complement it for more rapid healing!  While Karlin advises that therapy can be a big help, she suggests you include a holistic process like ORIGINjourney with SOSmethd so you can be empowered to transform your negative habits from the source so you can manifest a life you love.

The next time you have a bad day at work, you can be mindful of any negative habits that appear and be intentional about how much ice cream you consume. Remember, the goal isn’t to not eat ice cream or any other attraction – it’s to consume a moderate amount and stay in balance. Here are a few more tips to help you along the way:

Positive Rewards

By finding positive rewards, you can help train your brain to want those healthier patterns.

Need some ideas for positive rewards? Consider these…

  • Take yourself out to a restaurant you love.
  • Donate to a charity you believe in.
  • Take time to watch a fabulous movie
  • Buy something that will help you feel motivated (i.e. a new water bottle can help you feel excited about eating healthier)
  • Change your screensaver to something that inspires you

Take Small Steps

Expecting that your bad habits will be gone overnight is a good way to get discouraged and fall back into old patterns. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to take small steps towards your overall goal.

Pacing yourself can help you avoid burnout, so don’t be afraid to take it slow.

So, doing a 7 Step and then maybe the 33 Step program is great, as you will see progress day after day.

Practice Forgiveness

Treating yourself with kindness is often a key component when it comes to overcoming bad habits. When you slip up and take a step backwards, it can be easy to think negatively. Consider viewing those moments as an opportunity to be kind to yourself.

“Forgiveness is a powerful catalyst for change. It gives us the freedom to choose new habits that are more conscious and empowering.”

~ Marlise Karlin

We all make mistakes – it’s how we learn from them that matters!

Are you ready to break free of your bad habits and embrace your full potential? NEXTjourney is a set of programs, some with live mentoring created by mental health pioneer, Marlise Karlin that can support you on a life-altering path that empowers you every day.


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