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Silencing Negative Self-Talk to Change Your Mental Health Forever

Jul 28, 2023 | Generational Trauma, Mental Wellness | 0 comments

Improving mental health is a complex topic, but there’s one possible solution many people don’t realize: changing your self-talk.

Taking the first step toward achieving your wildest dreams – whether that be a coveted work promotion, finding the love of your life, or running a marathon – could be as simple as becoming aware of your self-talk.

The Power of Self-Talk

We often use kind, compassionate words when speaking with friends and family, but harsh, unforgiving language when referring to ourselves. The words we use can have incredible impacts, from shaping our psychology to helping us achieve our goals.

Self-talk may seem trivial, but it isn’t. In fact, changing your self-talk can open up new doors and unlock unlimited potential. Are you ready?!

To examine your current self-talk, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you think when you look in the mirror?
  • How often do you blame yourself for things outside of your control?
  • Does failure change the way you view yourself?
  • How often do you acknowledge your strengths?

Negative Self-Talk

Most of us know what it’s like to experience negative self-talk. If you feel like you’re prone toward negative chatter, you may be happy to find out there’s some science to back that up. Our brains tend to return to negative thoughts and feelings because they are subconscious self- repeating patterns.

Trauma, one of the things that is often linked to negative self-talk, can produce a strong emotional response in the brain. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to heal your generational trauma – which is one of the reasons that led Marlise Karlin, a Mental Health and Trauma Expert to develop NEXTjourney. Countless thousands worldwide have used the Discovery Programs and Special Formula Meditations on their healing journey to breaking negative patterns and behavior…

The Spiral into Negativity

It’s okay to acknowledge areas in which you want to improve. For example, it’s reasonable to think… I ate three chocolate bars today and would like to eat healthier tomorrow. This is actionable and aligns with a growth mindset.

Now let’s go over how a spiral that often happens can become negative… I ate three chocolate bars today. I’ll never have control over the food I eat. I don’t deserve to eat healthy.

 It’s easy to see how this spiral can overtake your thoughts and severely impact your mental health.

Reversing The Spiral into Positivity

Just as negative thoughts send you on a downward spiral, positive ones power up greater vitality. So, when you reframe any of your thoughts from critical to optimistic – you are actually rewiring your brain to think in a new way.

Science has shown that observation, focused attention on a specific subject, makes a huge difference in the brain in your frontal lobe, which affects how you think and feel.

The more time you spend focused or observing any empowering thoughts – you are rewiring your brain to create happier thoughts, happier moments, and more successful actions throughout the day.

Self-Talk and Mental Health

If you’re ready to take control of your mental health and make actionable changes that will improve your outlook, consider starting with self-talk. By harnessing the power of self-talk in a positive way, you can transform your life, your relationships, and the way you manage  difficult situations.

The relationship we have with ourselves is often overlooked and rarely discussed. However, this is one of the most important relationships any of us will have. The ways that you view yourself, treat yourself, and speak about yourself can have direct connections to many other areas of your life – it could be what’s holding you back from creating a life you love..

Positive self-talk is a skill that can be learned by first having an awareness of what those voices in your head are saying, and realizing they are ‘old tapes’ many that were placed there even before you were born. You have the power to change your thoughts, so consider if the following strategies could be helpful for you.

Use Your Voice

Sometimes we don’t realize how harsh or uncalled for our thoughts are until we say them aloud. Taking a minute to voice your thoughts can help you recenter and choose to replace these thoughts with more positive ones.

Recognize Reality

Thoughts and feelings aren’t reality. Let’s say that again… Thoughts and feelings aren’t reality!

 Just because you feel that you’re a bad romantic partner doesn’t mean you are. Just because you feel like you’re bad at your job doesn’t mean you are. Feelings are important, but they’re often easily skewed.

Pick an Affirmation

If you’re someone who finds comfort in repetition, an affirmation could be a helpful tool for you to put into your coping toolbox. Consider choosing an affirmation you can repeat when you’re struggling. One suggestion I have that you also might find helpful is to listen to the many beautiful and effective meditations that are in the Affirmation category in the SOS Method App. They always inspire me and soon my negative thoughts just disappear.

Recognize Triggers

Do you experience more negative self-talk when you’ve spent time on social media? Is there one person in your life that impacts how you view yourself? Recognizing triggers can be an important step in taking control of your thoughts.

Your Inner Strength

You have the ability to silence negative self-talk. By being intentional and choosing to think positively, you can change your life. It’s never too late to examine the way you talk to yourself… Why not start today?

Get your journal and write the answer to: What am I most thankful for today?

When you prime your brain with messages of gratitude you write, it clears stagnation of negative thoughts, and supports the growth of a more positive mindset.

Then write the answer to: What could I do to make this week special?

Your answers will propel you in a constructive direction so you experience the spiral moving up and more innovative ideas appear during the week.

And if you want more support to shift your self-talk start with the 7 Step program ORIGINjourney which includes the SOS Method meditations that will make you smile.


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