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Generational Trauma: The Family “Curse” You Didn’t Know Existed

Jul 7, 2022 | Mental Wellness | 0 comments

A family curse may sound like it can only come out of a fantasy novel or movie. But for many families, a “curse” is the only way to come to terms with the negative patterns plaguing their lineage.

Afterall, how can generation after generation of a single family suffer from seemingly never-ending cycles of mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, addictions, or suicide?

When these cycles repeat through generations with no logical reasoning, a “cursed” lineage becomes the only explanation.

However, breakthrough epigenetic research is showing our genes hold the answer to explaining this strange phenomenon.

If you believe your family is somehow cursed, don’t worry. It’s not some fantastical spell that was set upon your family line long ago.

The explanation is more scientific in nature – you may be experiencing the consequences of Generational Trauma.

What Is Generational Trauma?

If you believe the only traits you inherited from your family are your looks and personality, you’re sadly mistaken.

Science is proving that there’s much more we inherit from our ancestors.

Believe it or not, we also inherit the trauma and pain our ancestors experienced during their lifetime. This trauma lives inside the cells of our bodies; deeply embedded in our DNA. (1)

These inherited experiences are known as Generational Trauma.

There was a time we believed our genes can’t change. However, epigenetic studies show our gene expression changes through the course of our lives based on our experiences. (4)

How Does It Affect Us?

No one is impervious to its effects. Everyone is susceptible to Generational Trauma.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if your ancestors experienced trauma, pain, or suffering – chances are, you’ve inherited it in some capacity.

Generational Trauma has been shown to affect us in numerous ways. None of which are desirable in the least.

Which is why it’s also known as Genetic Pain.

Genetic Pain can manifest itself in many ways, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Trouble With Relationships
  • Trust Issues
  • General Sense Of Unease
  • Aggression
  • Substance Abuse

Of course, these life obstacles can be brought on by events in your own personal life and are not always a result of Genetic Pain.

However, Genetic Pain will increase your susceptibility to them. Which can help explain why problems such as depression and substance abuse seem to “run in the family”.

What History’s Most Tragic Events Tell Us

Studies conducted on ancestors of those who have survived some of history’s most horrific events show the reality of Genetic Pain.

Numerous studies involving survivors of events such as the Khmer Rouge killings in Cambodia, the Holocaust, Ukraine Holodomor, Rwandan Genocide, displacement of American Indians, and more, show similarities when it comes to the effects their experiences have on future generations.

Ancestors of those who have lived through these events are much more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, depression, and even PTSD, though they’ve never personally experienced these events first-hand. (2)

In particular, ancestors of Holocaust survivors report feeling vulnerable and at-risk for no reason. Feelings they can’t explain or seem to shake.

And it doesn’t stop after one generation. These traumatic experiences are shown to affect multiple generations.

“Offspring of trauma survivors are more likely to develop PTSD, mood, and anxiety disorders and demonstrate endocrine and molecular alterations compared to controls.” (4)

Answering The Question of Nature vs. Nurture

To learn about the influence Genetic Pain has on our lives, we need to look to twins. Twins develop from a single fertilized egg and thus have the same genome.

This has been the best method to help prove anxiety, aggression, depression, and a host of other undesirables, are in fact affected by our genetic code (nature), and not entirely up to our upbringing (nurture).

Through various studies, we’ve learned it’s not a case of nature versus nurture, but nature and nurture that determines whether we suffer from certain mental and physical ailments.

Some researchers hypothesize our genetic code is 50% responsible. An entire half of the equation.

One study looked at identical and fraternal twins and their susceptibility to schizophrenia. Researchers found 50% of identical twins shared the disease as opposed to only 10-15% for fraternal twins. (3)

This provides strong evidence that the genetic component plays a major role in susceptibility for the disease.

The idea that we inherit the life experiences of our ancestors is no longer a far-fetched concept.

With each new study, Genetic Pain is gaining more and more acceptance from the mainstream scientific community.

“…data from the Swedish Twin Registry and found that susceptibility to migraine was mostly inherited and that the twins separated earlier had even greater similarity in migraine status.” (5)

…But Wait, It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Learning about Genetic Pain may seem like diving into a rabbit hole of bad news, but it isn’t all bad. While you inherited Genetic Pain, you also inherited Genetic Promise.

‘Genetic Promise’ was coined by Mental Health Pioneer, Marlise Karlin, after years of study with Eastern Holistic Master Teachers and 2 decades of qualitative research worldwide. (6) It is the polar opposite of Genetic Pain.

It’s the human potential that exists within each of us. Written about in preeminent holistic traditions for more than 2000 years and more recently by neuroscientists. And, it’s what we can draw upon to remove the “genetic garbage” inside us to reach our full potential.

You read that right. There are ways to eliminate Genetic Pain from your body.

What You Can Do To Eliminate Generational Trauma

Depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem brought on by Genetic Pain is not a life sentence.

In fact, finding solutions to loosen the grip Genetic Pain has on our wellbeing has been a mission of scholars for thousands of years.

It’s only recently that we’ve given it a proper label and begun to understand the science behind how it all works. This is all thanks to modern scientific methods.

If you would like to clear your body of the trauma you inherited, and its negative effects on your health and wellbeing, consider trying a NEXTjourney program developed by Marlise Karlin, today.



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