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How Meditation Can Help You Overcome PTSD

Feb 14, 2022 | Mental Wellness | 0 comments

If you have experienced trauma and struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), then you long to experience healing and freedom from the emotional and physical distress it puts on your life. Maybe you feel like your past is holding you hostage, and you aren’t able to truly be your authentic self. The good news is meditation can help you overcome PTSD. But not just any type of meditation. Meditation that actually releases or helps you diminish genetic cell memory. Yes, meditation can help you relax, but furthermore, meditation can help you overcome PTSD by actually releasing / or unblocking the trauma that is locked in your body’s cells. The trauma creates a blockage that holds back your ability to have health and wellness. Meditation and PTSD may seem like an impossible pair. Perhaps you’ve said…

  • “I can’t still my mind long enough to meditate.”
  • “I’ve tried meditation, and it doesn’t work.”
  • “Meditation is too boring.”
  • “My self-defeating thoughts and patterns are too deep to be healed.”

There is something I want you to know: I too, said these things. Then I discovered there is a profound connection between the mind and body. During specific meditation techniques, you can actually activate the powerful potential within you. You will discover remarkable changes in thinking and behavior. This is how meditation can help you overcome PTSD—through igniting a power deep within you that opens up paths to your healing and creative potential. Through certain meditation practices, thoughts, emotions, and responses that come with PTSD start to dissipate. New pathways are formed, and you begin to see and experience life differently.

The Ways Many People Cope with PTSD

PTSD is generally triggered by a traumatic event or series of events in your life. For most who struggle with PTSD, they notice…

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Isolation

There are ways to cope with these uncomfortable emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, many people turn to substances to numb their emotional pain. However, if you are like I was, I eventually came to the point of realizing that substances didn’t work long-term. They didn’t help me get better. In fact, they made every area of my life worse. So, what does one do? For those who desire healing, they seek treatment. Maybe you have felt some relief as you’ve gone in for treatment or to the hospital. Sadly, that relief doesn’t often help you overcome the guilt, shame, and anger left behind with PTSD.

The Process of Using Meditation for PTSD

This is where meditation comes in. A specific form of meditation can help you overcome PTSD through a natural process. Through unique meditation tools, you gain a new perspective, which helps you then intentionally focus on what you need in order to either let something go that you need to move away from or move towards something you need to get closer to. The more you do the meditation practice, you learn to act on the inspiration you receive. Through the process of using meditation to help you overcome PTSD, you’ll notice a shift happen. You will…

  • Start to see anger dissipate
  • Notice that you are more self-expressive
  • Start to react calmly in more situations

Meditation Can Help You Overcome PTSD… In Time

You must realize that the process of using meditation to overcome PTSD takes time. Not all of your problems will be resolved overnight. Some have noticed sudden changes in their emotional state and reactions when using a specific type of meditation called SOSmethod. It is a natural process that takes time, building upon each meditation session and tool that will help in every situation they face. The proper meditation tools give you a guided focus to help you release more of what you want to let go of and access the security of knowing you have answers when you need them.

Meditation Unlocks the Healing Potential within You

It is important that meditation is an experience because it is through the experience that doors are opened to the healing potential within you. Every single person who suffers from PTSD has this potential. However, traumatic events, ongoing stress and anxiety, irritability, anger, and depression block this hidden potential. The tools you need to meditate in a way that brings about healing are rooted in science. Through epigenetic research, scientists have discovered that blockages from this potential can be passed down to the next generation. So then, through a specific form of meditation, the blockages are removed.

Meditation Using the SOSmethod

Through this specific type of meditation, called SOSmethod, you are given tools that help you heal holistically by connecting the mind, body, and spirit. This method can accompany any traditional medicine or hands-on therapy to develop an inspired mind and healthier body. So then, what does meditation look like when it is actually working and tapping into the healing potential with you?

The Sweet Spot of Meditation

As someone who has PTSD and emotional distress, you want to tap into the sweet spot of meditation. But there must be different ways of getting there. Perhaps you are listening to music, and the mind becomes captivated by the beautiful sounds. You begin to relax. But through specific processes using SOSmethod, your cells begin to activate the healing. You begin to fully relax and are able to just be in an immersive experience. So, you discover that your mind doesn’t have to be “still” in order to see the benefits of meditation. Through the various tools available through SOSmethod, you will begin to see a shift in how you think and behave. A fascinating part of this type of meditation is that it taps into the healing potential inside of you (by removing the blockage that holds you back), and you start to see benefits by doing it for just 5 minutes a day. When you work through this meditation method, your mind might become still. For others, your mind could continue to “talk,” but the meditation is still working. Either way of working through meditation can help you overcome PTSD-related thought patterns and behaviors.

When to Use Meditation Tools

There is no set time that you must meditate using this method to experience the benefits. For some starting out, they find 5 minutes during the day to practice. As you are working through the meditation process, you will start to experience the benefits—it works for anyone! Nearly everyone who uses this method reports the desire to increase their time and/or frequency of meditating throughout the day. There are a number of people that start their day, even before getting out of bed, with moments of meditation. I’ve experienced—and many others report—the incredible benefits of using this method of meditation when transitioning throughout the day. For example, at the end of a workday, before you enter your home or meet friends for dinner, pause and do a moment of meditation. Meditating during transition times throughout your day…

  • Releases remarkable vitality that will help you be present with whomever you are with
  • Be more productive in whatever setting you are in
  • Taps into the creative potential inside of you

Those with PTSD can struggle with sleep. This method of meditation opens up pathways of healing that were initially blocked and led to insomnia because of the trauma. In other words, the result is better sleep. So, in short, whatever time of day you choose to meditate, benefits are always available to you.

Here’s Your Takeaway…

Meditation can help you overcome PTSD-related symptoms: negative thoughts, habits, and emotions. The key is first to understand the healing potential is inside you. SOSmethods meditations simply remove the blockage that holds you back from experiencing your healing potential. The second key is this: Some people will experience breakthroughs quite rapidly. For others, it takes time. The wonderful news is that there is a continuum. Breakthroughs build upon the previous one. So then, knowing that there is a continuum, understanding that your mind doesn’t have to be still, and seeing benefits from meditating for just 5 minutes a day gives you hope and opens doors to finally experience healing from PTSD.

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