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Uncover Your Natural Confidence to Improve Your Relationships & Success

Nov 25, 2022 | Mental Wellness | 0 comments

Confidence is the fundamental building block of your personal growth and successful relationships. The American Psychological Association defines self-confidence as a strong belief in one’s ability to complete a task. Since confidence plays a vital role in the motivation to achieve your personal goals, it is linked with higher levels of success in your personal life and career. It also shapes the way you behave and present yourself to other people.

Is Confidence a Product of Nature or Nurture?

Like the rest of our personality traits, self-confidence is also the product of genetics and the environment we grow up in and surround ourselves with. According to Jay Lombard, a co-founder of a genetic testing company, Genomind, much of our personality is driven by biology.

Another study by Robert Plomin involved 15,000 pairs of twins and studied the effects of genetics and the environment on their academic performance. In one of his examinations, Plomin analyzed the children’s self-confidence by giving them a standardized IQ test in three subject categories: science, math, and writing.

He then asked the candidates to rate their self-perceived ability (SPA) to do well in each subject. The children’s SPA significantly predicted their achievement triumphing over IQ. In conclusion, it showed how important confidence is to predict future success.

Another key finding of Plomin’s research was that much of self-confidence is rooted in our genes and may be as high as 50%. This is somewhat controversial as there are other experts who believe that confidence is only 25% determined by genetics. Either way, it is clear that our genetics and our environment play an important role in our future success.

Is Self Confidence the key to Fulfilling Relationships?

Various studies show a well-established connection between high self-confidence and relationship fulfillment. This is because confidence is not only a reflection of how we view ourselves but also how we treat others.

A high level of self-confidence in relationships does not mean that you constantly compare yourself and your achievements with your partner; it simply means you have emotional security, are less dependent on them and are content with yourself.

Low self-confidence often leads to insecurities, clinginess, and feelings of possessiveness that come from the constant fear of losing your partner to someone better. An insecure relationship is an exhaustive one and can quickly become stale or even bitter. Autonomy requires self-confidence, both of which are important components of a relationship. It is the ability to stand tall and have full faith and motivation to go after what you expect and deserve.

When you lack confidence, you do not enjoy being in your own company as it brings out feelings of self-doubt and insecurity., This eventually pushes you to rely on other people to feel normal, and keep yourself distracted from your worries. In a fulfilling relationship, there are usually no communication barriers. However, a lack of confidence can prevent you from speaking your mind because you are too afraid of the other person’s reaction. It takes plenty of courage to communicate effectively and without any filters; that courage comes with self-acceptance.

On the other hand, high self-confidence translates to high self-esteem, which can dramatically improve the quality of personal satisfaction, happiness, healing and the overall quality of romantic relationships. It is a mindset that allows you to celebrate your capabilities, challenge your weaknesses, and feel content with whatever you have been given. High self-confidence also allows you to see that the world doesn’t only revolve around you, which is an important reality check that prevents you from taking things too personally and becoming reactive. It is important not only to maintain healthy relationships but also to have positive mental health and well-being.

The Link between Self-Confidence and Success

Besides relationships, high self-confidence improves virtually all aspects of your life. It silences your inner critic, pushes you to overcome your fear of failure and drive forward with your ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Confident people can say ‘yes’ and still be clear and ok about saying ‘no’ when it work for them. Such qualities not only help them get ahead in their personal life but also in their professional life.

When your performance is backed by self-confidence, whether at work, school, or in relationships, and you have a surefire belief in yourself, you might find that you exceed your expectations. This is not because you have physically gotten better but because you are no longer held back from your own limiting beliefs, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand.

Tools that Help You Build Confidence

There are many underlying reasons why people experience low self-confidence and self-esteem, including past mistakes, traumatic childhood events, and the people they surround themselves with. The journey to building self-confidence is not an easy one, but it is not an impossible one.

While there are tips and tools that many behavioral experts offer, one many people find particularly effective is Marlise Karlin’s SOS Method because it is designed to clear intergenerational trauma, and build self-confidence, self-esteem, and courage to achieve new levels of success. It carefully analyzes the root cause of the lack of self-confidence and delves deeper into effective techniques to rewire the mind.

The SOS method is a comprehensive and evidence-based program that helps you discover your inner power, eliminate stress, improve self-growth and relationships, and feel fully empowered and inspired to achieve your goals.

The latest methodology uses cutting-edge Mind Fitness Tools, Discovery Programs, and Special Formula Meditations to help modify your core beliefs and equip you with the right lifestyle habits and changes. Countless people worldwide have benefitted from both Marlise Karlin’s platforms, NEXTjourney and SOS Method and have shifted from negative mindsets to more positive and prosperous ones.

The unique and powerful meditations have proven to dramatically increase self-contentment levels, reducing stress and feelings of doom – in only minutes a day. With a much clearer mind, you can focus more on your personal and professional life, and the results you achieve directly push your level of self-confidence. Marlise’s programs also train you how to overcome relationship troubles and helps you gain access to a holistic potential that empowers you. By using these various processes and fun exercises that help build self-esteem, minimize anxiety and add spice to the relationships in your life, over time you minimize extreme dependency on partners.

Summing Up

By engaging in the right guidance program, many people can use their mind/body potential to unlock new levels of confidence and increase their vibrational frequency to achieve new goals.


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